How to Find Professional Help When Buying And Selling Home in Pinellas County

Buying a home often represents the largest single investment a person makes in his or her lifetime. So finding the right house is extremely important. On the other end of the spectrum, selling a home hinges on several important variables, each of which directly impacts how quickly a homeowner sells their property. Either way, attempting to buy or sell a house on one’s one is difficult, and it limits the chance of success. That is why, when it comes to Pinellas County real estate, it’s essential to find professional help when buying and selling a home. Here are several ways residents can locate (and use) assistance for help in the real estate market.

Initial Research

Prior to bringing on a specific Pinellas County Realtor for help listing or finding a home, having some initial background information will prove extremely beneficial. This is where sites such as Zillow and Trulia come in. These websites provide an abundance of local information, including what current properties in the neighborhood are selling for, the difference between local neighborhoods and why one may offer greater amenities (or cost more) than others. Having basic information about the desired communities and what houses are buying/selling for may help current homeowners generate a ballpark figure for what they may sell their own property for while educating potential buyers what they may need to pay in order to put in a successful bid. It is recommended to use a few different websites in order to cross-reference the findings and make sure information is as accurate as possible.

Finding a Pinellas County Realtor

It is easier now than ever before to self-list a property. This is thanks to all the third-party property listing websites now available. However, it’s far too easy to cut corners when self-listing a property, it may end up costing the homeowner in the long run. On top of this, taking phone calls, scheduling showings and considering bids is extremely time-consuming, which is why finding the right Pinellas Park realtors is important. There are a few handy tools available for this.

One of the best ways to find a local real estate agent in Pinellas County is to log onto and search for realtors in Pinellas County Florida. This will bring up a listing of licensed agents within the area. This method is far quicker and easier than driving around, looking for real estate agent signs in a community or asking around for Pinellas County realtor recommendations from friends and family members, as most buyers and sellers may only know a few people who have successfully listed or bought a home in the community.

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent

Websites like Realtor puts all the necessary tools for locating quality and licensed realtors in Pinellas County Florida relatively easy. However, identifying the perfect fit real estate agent is necessary. This individual will prove the most helpful and can speed up the selling process while showcasing more properties that fit a homebuyer’s needs. Vetting the Pinellas Park realtors will ensure the right connection is forged and the most helpful agent is hired.

One important question to ask of a real estate agent is whether they specialize in buying or selling. Some agents work better in one area or the other. Additionally, asking about experience in the given community is key. Some agents have successfully sold homes in the desired community dozens of times, which shows they understand the community. Others may have never worked in the area. For homeowners, asking how the property will be marketed is key as well. There is a brokerage fee built into using a real estate agent, so it’s important to know an owner is getting what they’re paying for.

Asking about the brokerage fees is just as important. There is no law or requirements for the fees. Some charge a percentage of the final asking/selling price. Others include added fees, like cancellation fees (if the current agent has not sold the property), while others charge a marketing fee, MLS fees, and other add-ons. Knowing what a real estate agent will cost before enlisting their help allows both buyers and sellers to have a greater understanding of what this help will potentially cost them in the end.

In Conclusion

Buying and selling Pinellas County real estate is difficult to do without help from a professional. By taking advantage of these different tips, it’s possible to not only hire the right Pinellas County realtor but to ensure the buying and selling process goes smoothly. With these tips, current homeowners will increase their chance of successfully listing and selling their home, while interested homebuyers will have greater access to more homes and receive the needed assistance to put in a successful bid.


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