How Do I Sell My Hernando County, Florida Land To A Developer?

Selling Hernando, County, land can be a challenging prospect. Given the small pool of buyers and the amount of work required to close the deal, sellers need to approach things with a solid strategy to see the best results. When purchasing land for sale, Hernando, County, FL, developers appreciate being presented with as much information upfront. Most developers also appreciate a chance to save time and money. Sellers who take on some of the time-consuming tasks involved in the deal can increase their chances of a quick sale. By handling re-zoning issues and deed restrictions or by making some of the basic land improvements, sellers make their properties attractive to buyers. As a result, they will generate more interest than competing properties. Below is more information on how to quickly and easily sell your property to a land developer.

Do Your Research

Most land developers want as much information up front before even considering Hernando, County, real estate for their next project. If you spend time gathering this information, you will have much more success gaining a builders interest. The first thing you want is the legal description of the property. The legal description specifies the exact location of the property on a map as recorded in the Hernando, County, land records office. Next, have a surveyor mark the corners and boundary lines of the property as well as easements and setback lines. Te survey along with past property-use reports can help the developer visualize how they can utilize the property. Spend time identifying deed restrictions or covenants on the property. Deed restrictions are legally binding restrictions on how a property may be used. For example, there may be restrictions on the number of trees that can be cut, whether or not farm animals are allowed, what types of building materials may be used or building height or width. These restrictions are sometimes cumbersome for land developers to deal with. As a result, will want to know this information when making their decision. If possible, you can make the deal more attractive if you attempt to remove the restrictions or obtain variances for them. Lastly, obtain tax records for the property. Taxes affect the developer’s bottom line, thus presenting this with this information can help with their decision to purchase the property.

Clean Things Up & Make Improvements

Much like selling a home, you want to make a good first impression. You want to create a blank canvas for the builder to visualize a potential project. Given that, take the time to cut the grass, remove brush and get rid of trash and debris. You can also consider grading the lot make it look polished. All of these things save the land developer time and money. When purchasing land for sale, Hernando County, developers expect to make most of the improvements themselves. However, there are some things you might consider taking on some of these things to make the property more attractive. For example, if the property is far from the nearest road, consider providing access to the land. It doesn’t need to be paved access. Sometimes a layer of compacted gravel can be the start of road access that a developer will appreciate. Also, look into establishing utility connections such as electricity or water. If you don’t want to tackle this, you can at least line up the paperwork for a potential buyer. Any good land developer will want to know the property’s zoning restrictions. The developer won’t want to waste their time purchasing Hernando, County, land if it isn’t zoned for their needs. You might consider getting the zoning changed to something more desirable for potential buyers.

List And Offer Attractive Financing

Whether you list the property with Hernando, County, real estate agent or chose to sell on your own, marketing plays a huge factor in securing a buyer. Hire a photographer to take professional photos of the property. You may see it as just raw land, but a photographer knows how to highlight the property in a way that speaks to developers. The photographer may want to do an aerial photo of the land. An aerial photo helps developers see the land in relation to adjacent property, utilities or road access. The aerial view also helps them visualize how they might utilize the area. Use the photos for your online listing or any offline advertising. You should also build a property portfolio that includes the images, legal description, zoning information and deed restrictions. Approaching developers with the portfolio goes a long way towards professionalism and credibility. They are more likely to consider the property if you provide them with all the information they need upfront. Doing so also helps cut down on the time they need to spend researching before making their decision. Ultimately, this ends up helping you sell the property quickly. In a land transaction, banks have more stringent credit and financial requirements to qualify for a loan. As such, many buyers looking for Hernando, County, real estate will appreciate a chance to utilize alternative forms of financing. Some may even be willing to pay a premium for it. Given that, you may have a better chance of selling if you offer owner financing for the property. With owner financing, you eliminate the middleman and hold the note for the buyer. In this arrangement, you collect a down payment from the buyer, and in turn, they pay you instead of a bank. Not only is this owner financing beneficial to the developer, but you will enjoy financial rewards as well. By taking on the role of the bank, you get to determine the down payment, the monthly payment, the interest rate and late fees.

Given the challenges involved in selling Hernando, County land, sellers must take the right approach to see the best results. Land developers appreciate sellers who tackle some of the land improvement items such as utility connections and road access. These are things that consume a lot of their time, and thus anything you can do to save them time makes your property more desirable. Additionally, if you perform a lot of upfront research for them, you can help shorten their timeline to decide to purchase the property. Gathering information such as the legal description, zoning information and tax information goes a long way towards professionalism, which in turn makes developers more comfortable dealing with you.

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